One thing that a lot of people hate to do is to clean. There aren’t very many people who enjoy doing it. But there are things that you can do to help your home stay cleaner longer so that you have to spend less time cleaning. Below are some easy tips that you can use to help your home stay clean and make it easier each day for you.

Begin with Your Floor

The floor’s the thing that will get dirty the quickest. One of the easiest types of floors to clean is the stained concrete that’s been sealed. Other easy to clean floors are vinyl tile, laminate, and hardwood floors. Each of these types of floors is easy to clean using your dust mop or sponge mop. But if you have hardwood floors, any splatter or splash has to be cleaned up immediately.
If you desperately want carpet, just put it in your bedroom where often go barefoot. It’s a good idea to consider using carpet tiles rather than a big area rug or wall-to-wall. These come in lots of colors and textures. They’re simple to vacuum and if one of the tiles gets really dirty, you can simply lift it up and throw it into the sink to wash. Then when it’s clean, you can put it right back down.

Create Public and Private Areas in the House

This simply means that you want to set priorities and select the rooms that are close to the entrance of your home as spaces that are public. This is things like your front porch, living room and dining room. These are areas that you should keep free from clutter. You shouldn’t have mail, clothes, papers, or storage areas here. If you keep these areas clean, you won’t have CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

Do Easy Things Often

Rather than filling up your sink, put your dishes right into your dishwasher. Take your trash out each night, and this will eliminate smells. Throw your clothes that are dirty right into your basket so that there aren’t any piles all over your house.

Clear Out Your JIC Drawer

JIC means just in case. We all have a drawer that is full of items that we think we’re going to need some time. There’s a good chance that those items are going to stay in that drawer forever. Whether you’re keeping some clothes you might wear someday, board games that have missing pieces or appliances for your kitchen that you got for your wedding years ago, these are things that you can throw away or give away, depending on what it is.

Open Up Mail Over Your Trash/Recycling Bin

Everyone gets a ton of junk mail. So rather than sitting down at the table and making a pile of junk mail, why not simply open up the stuff you know is trash over your recycling bin or trash can. This also can be done with your child’s papers (after you’ve read them of course). Otherwise, they are going to collect and create a huge pile.

Have Cleaning Sprees

Get everyone in the household to help. Set your cooking timer for 10 minutes. Then have everyone do some cleaning for those ten minutes. You can make it fun so that kids are going to look forward to this. You are going to be amazed at what the house looks like after those 10 minutes.

The Floor is for Furniture

Have the rule that only furniture goes on the floor. Things like toys, magazine and newspaper stacks and other things should have a place that they are put rather than simply on the floor. Having unoccupied, bare floor space will give your room an airy, less cluttered and more open look.

Have the Minimum on Your Counter

You should only have those appliances out on your counter that you use on a regular basis. This is things such as a toaster, blender, coffee maker and other things that are used daily. Things like your slow cooker or food processor, if you only use them sporadically, should be stored in a cabinet or someplace else.

Put Out the Welcome Mats

Notice that we said mats. This means that you should have one welcome mat on the outside and one on the inside. This is going to help with keeping your floors clean. The debris and dirt from shoes won’t spread on your floor or get dragged through the house.
You can also have people remove their shoes. But if you go this way, ensure that you have slippers that they can wear.

Make Your Bed

Even though your whole bedroom isn’t clean or looking its best, making your bed will have a place that your eyes can settle. Everyone is going to notice a bed that is made or isn’t made. Keep the Vanity Clear
Things such as toiletries and makeup should be stored in bins or bags beneath your sink. This is going to make it easier for you to pull out the items that you need and then put them away. It also will keep the clutter off your countertop.

Clean Up Food Scraps While Cooking

Cleaning while you’re cooking is an effective and easy way that you can minimize how much stress you have when you’re making dinner. Toss out the scraps when you’re finished cutting up your vegetables, then do some dishes while the food’s cooking. When dinner is done cooking, chances are most of the work’s already done.

These are 12 things that you can do to help your house look good and spend a lot less time cleaning each day. Once you have gotten into a routine and you get the house clean, it’s easy to keep it looking clean and you don’t feel as stressed out about what you have to do. This will let you have more time to spend doing things you enjoy and not have to worry about unexpected guests dropping in.